Vox Online Interview With Rohan

VOX: Tell us about your relationship with Korn and Limp Bizkit.

ROHAN: We grew up with the guys in Korn…we've known them since we were little. We went to school together. And Ty worked with John [Davis] in another band before. We know Limp Bizkit through John, which gave us the chance to work with Fieldy, which was great.

VOX: Why did the name change from "Cradle of Thorns" [the band's former name] to "Videodrone?"

ROHAN: We had always had the name Cradle of Thorns, but no one could get it right. We got mixed up with Cradle of Filth, cradle of this cradle of that, whatever. We hated it, but we got stuck with it. People thought it was Crown of Thorns, too. We had it for ten years. I think the music was different then. And everyone hated [the name], even Korn, they told us to change it. Anyway, [their formal label] has the records, so it's not like we'll ever make any money from it. The new name is much better. We took it from the movie "Videodrome" and played with it.

VOX: How did the group form?

ROHAN: We started as kids - I had a keyboard, Ty had a book of poetry, Kris had the drums…we started in the garage and moved to the living room. We did what every group of kids wants to do - be in a band.

VOX: How have the differences between the hometown Bakersfield and Huntington Beach [where the band now resides] scenes changed Videodrone?

ROHAN: It's tougher here. The people are tougher here. It wasn't easy. We did two or three shows then got signed, which was great, but we needed to pay rent, so we worked and stuff like that. Korn got us refocused. The guys in Orgy were great, too. We had to really concentrate on music here and either do it right or go back home.

VOX: From where do you draw most of your samples? Any particular favorite source?

ROHAN: Television, mostly. Backwards theme music from TV shows, commercials or from some guitar noise or whatever sounds cool. Most of the sounds on this album came from my own voice.

VOX: The album combines elements of industrial music, hip hop, metal and electronica. What influences you guys to combine such distinct styles?

ROHAN: Oh, lots of bands. All of us liked different stuff, and you hit it there - we bring together lots of different styles. I listen to stuff like Skinny Puppy, Front 242. I was more into industrial music and hip hop. But we also loved stuff like Radiohead, Slayer, Depeche Mode…to me, mix Slayer with Depeche Mode and you would have the best band in the world.

VOX: Where do you see this type of music going? Will it ever be truly popular?

ROHAN: Yes, I think so. It'll get bigger, I think, especially with bands like Orgy out there. I love how Orgy brings it all together. A lot of people really don’t do it, but we try to stay a step ahead. We have a pop/commercial side, and we have an underground side. We try to keep a balance. And that either works, or it backfires.

VOX: Let's talk about some tracks off of the new album. "Human Piñata" for example; what is the song about?

ROHAN: The end of the world, us destroying our own world, fucking with Mother Nature and screwing up the world. Armageddon, basically. In general, it's Ty's own perceptions. He comes in with so much stuff…he writes movie scripts, just writes tons of lyrics, works with the sounds…he has written sometimes three songs in a day.

VOX: It there a prevailing theme on the album?

ROHAN: A year of change, taking myself outside of things and looking at it…it's really Ty dealing with the move. He went through a lot of crap, with his family, and with himself. You really get a view of a whole year of his life.

VOX: So, what is the next step for Videodrone?

ROHAN: Another tour, which will be great. Make a video, hopefully. I think it's all were looking at right now.

VOX: What can fans expect from a Videodrone show?

ROHAN: We're really getting ready for the tour. They can expect a tight-ass show. We give it all we've got. Ty is an intense performer. It's hard to imagine right now doing the whole tour. I get really nervous before each show. I'll be vomiting every night. I'll puke in the trash can and then go on stage with that that taste in my mouth. But when you're out there, it's worth it.