August 6/2000
*Somebody* spoke to Mavis the other day and he said that the new VD album has some of the best material they've ever done. I haven't heard of a date yet for the release of the new album though.

August 5/2000
It's been awhile since I've updated but I just received this:
August 3, 2000 -- Rock Out Censorship (ROC) is proud to announce our participation on the Bush & Gore 2000 Tour featuring Rorschach Test, Bile, N17, Snake River Conspiracy and Videodrone.....([Roclist]ROCNews ELECTRONIC BULLETIN #4 - August 4, 2000)

After being signed by Jonathan from Korn to Elementree Records, Videodrone has enjoyed the continued success of their hit "Ty Jonathan Down", featured on MTV's Return of the Rock. Bush and Gore 2000 is excited about this recent addition to the tour and looks forward to them joining the ranks in September.

April 16/2000
There's actually been quite a lot of Videodrone buzz the past couple weeks, so here it goes...

- There's a contest happening where you can design something that Ty will tattoo on himself. How cool is that? To get more info and to enter, go here

- As I'm sure most of you know VD did a video for "Ty Jonathan Down" featuring Jon Davis of Korn a couple months ago. To check it out, click here. To vote for "Ty Jonathan Down" on TRL (the VD boys will appreciate it) click here. This is what Jon and Fieldy had to say about the video:

"Me and Ty go way back," remarks Jonathan. "Actually he was the first person to teach me to sing. It's good to see them come up and it was an honor to be in the video for 'Ty Jonathan Down.'" "'Ty Jonathan Down' is a huge song," added Fieldy, "because the chemistry between Jonathan and Ty is unreal."

- There's a rumor circulating that they are making a new video for "Faceplant", but as of yet it's just a rumor.

- The VD boys are going to try and tour as early as June, and are currently trying to get on a tour called Tattoos of the Earth.