By: someone who wishes to remain annonymous

"Shit Abby, let's go! What's taking so long?" Jay yelled from the door of Orgy's tour bus.

"Abby came out of the house lugging five bags with her. "I had to make sure I had everything, relax Jay. " she replied to him.

""Would you guys hurry up? We don't have all day..." Bobby said, appearing from the bus.

"Five minutes later after making sure everyone had everything they needed the bus finally left.

""Gee, do you guys think you brought enough beer?" Danielle said while rummaging through the fridge. Paige and Ashley were cuddling on the couch together while Paige played with her hair. "Talk to Ryan about that, I told him we didn't need that much beer."

"Ryan looked up from the crossword puzzle he was doing. "You'll thank me later tonight dude."

"Paige gave Ryan a quizzical look and Ryan just shrugged his shoulders.

"Abby appeared from the front of the bus where she had been talking with the bus driver. "Where's Jay?

""He's in the back with Amir, Samantha and Lisa." Bobby replied.

""Oh. Ashley can I see you for a minute?" Abby had a worried look on her face.

""Of course." Ashley gave Paige a quick kiss and joined Abby who started walking away from everyone.

""What's up hun?"

""I think I might be pregnant."

""How late are you?" Ashley asked, putting her arms around Abby's shoulder.

""Three weeks. Can we go somewhere else to talk?"

"Ashley's concern grew and it showed on her face. "Yeah, sure. We'll use the bathroom, everyone will just have to wait."

""What the fuck are they doing in there?" Amir said referring to Abby and Ashley. "I have to piss."

"Just then the two walked out. "It's all yours Amir." Ashley said as she went and joined Paige on the couch while Abby went to her bunk. Amir mumbled "Finally" and lunged for the bathroom before anyone else could grab it.

""What's up?" Paige said quietly in Ashley's ear.

""Abby thinks she might be pregnant and she's not sure if she should tell Jay until she's positive. She doesn't know how he'll react." Ashley whispered.

""I've known Jay for fourteen years and I think he'd be thrilled, he really loves her." Paige replied.

""I know, that's exactly what I told her. We'll just have to wait and see."

""Hey guys, let us in on whatever you two are whispering about." Bobby said, just realizing that he wasn't involved in the conversation.

"Ashley smiled and replied "You'll know soon enough."

"Ryan looked up from his crosswrod puzzle again. "Anyone know what a two-letter word for man-child is?"

"Later that night the group was sitting around chatting and drinking after the post concert party.

"" the little boy says 'The joke's on him. I sucked out all the cream filling!'" Bobby finished the joke as everyone groaned in disgust and laughed.

""With that pleasant ending I think I'm going to bed." Lisa said then turned to Ryan. "You coming? I'll making it worth your while."

"Ryan smiled. "Fuck yeah. The one thing I like better than beer is sex."

""Yeah, we better go to bed too. We're both exhausted." Amir said as he and Samantha followed Ryan and Lisa out of the room.

"A half hour later Bobby and Danielle went outside to smoke and look at the stars together. Jay directed his attention to Paige once they were gone. "You remember when you and me kissed for that case of beer?"

"Paige nodded and smiles as Ashley and Abby looked at them in surprise. "You two kissed each other?" Abby finally blurted out. Jay chuckled and nodded his head. Ashley looked at Abby and the two burst out laughing hysterically.

""Keep it down up there! People are actually trying to sleep back here!" Amir yelled from his bunk.

"Paige looked at Ashley in wonder. "You've never kissed another girl?"

"The two girls both shook their heads no. Jay smiled "That's something I'd like to see."

"Abby caught Ashley's smie and the two smiled slyly

""If me and Ash kissed for you what would you do for us?" Abby asked.

""I'm not kissing Jay again, no offence man but it didn't do anything for me." Paige put in.

"Jay cleared his throat. "How about if you two kiss for at least thirty seconds, me and Paige will be your slaves for one day."

"Ashley raised her eyebrows and smiled. "It's a deal."

"Paige smiled and rubbed his hands together. "This is going to be good."

"Ashley got up and sat beside Abby on the couch. "Ready?"

""Ready." Abby said smiling.

"Their lips met as the guys stared in awe. The kiss lasted for just over thirty seconds according to Paige's watch. When it was over Ashley went and sat beside Paige again. "Get ready slaveboy, tomorrow's a busy day for you."

"The next morning Ashley awoke to Paige hovering over her. "Yes, can I help you?" she said smiling.

""I figured I'd start my duties early and make you breakfast in bed." Paige kissed her forhead as Ashley noticed the tray beside her.

""Wow, I'm impressed. Did you do this all yourself?"

"Paige chuckled and layed over her legs. "Well, I had some help from Lisa."

"Ashley leaned over and kissed him. "I love you anyway."

"Jay was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspapre when Abby walked in wearingonly a skimpy two-piece lingerie set. "Jay, honey, would you get me some orange juice?" she said in a pouty voice.

"Jay looked up and raised an eyebrow. "You're standing right beside the fridge Abby."

""I know but my arms hurt or something. Besides, my wish is supposed to be your command." Abby smiled seductively.

"Jay grinned recalling the night before. "Alright, alright."

""Thank you dear." Abbt said and spanked Jay's ass as he walked by her. Jay poured the orange juice into a glass and handed it to her. Just as he did they heard Lisa shriek happily, "Ryan, you're so bad!"

"The couple looked at each other and laughed. Jay picked Abby up into his arms. "How about you let me make you scream like that?"

"Abby smiled. "No sense in letting this outfit go to waste."

"Jay looked her over and smiled, then carried her to their bunk.

"Just over an hour later the bus was parked in a hotel parking lot.

""Ashley, are you busy?"

"Paige sighed and got off of Ashley as she opened the curtain to their bunk to see Abby standing there. "No hun, come sit down."

"Ashley and Paige moved over in the small bed and Abby climbed in beside Ashley.

""I think I'm going to tell Jay today. We just had the most amazing time together and I can't just keep something like this from him anymore. It's eating at me, you know?"

"Ashley put her arm around Abby's shoulder. "I think you definitely should. Jay might be pissed later on if he finds out you kept something this big from him, but me and Paige knew about it all along."

"Paige sat up. "I've known for like, ever man, and I think he'll be thrilled to hear the news."

""Thanks you guys, I'm going to go talk to him. Wish me luck." With that Abby hugged Ashley and left to find Jay.

""What would you say right now if I told you I'm pregnant?" Ashleyy asked Paige.

""Is it mine?" Paige smiled and chuckled as Ashley punched him in the arm playfully. "Ow, I was joking. That hurt, you've got a hard punch."

"Ashley leaned over and kissed his shoulder. "That's not all I've got."

""Morning everyone. Where are we?" Lisa asked as she walked into the kitchenette.

""Good question, I have no idea." Samantha responded.

"Lisa shrugged as she poured coffee into a cup. "OK, that's cool I guess."

"Suddenly she felt something pushing against her ass and looked down t see Ryan kneeling on the ground with his head buried in her ass.

""Ryan what the hell are you doing?" Lisa asked, amused.

""I saw your ass and couldn't restrain myself. It was way too tempting to pass up." Ryan said as he stood up and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Lisa moaned and wrapped her arms around Ryan's shoulders. "You're so weird sometimes. I don't mind though, my ass is your ass."

"Jay looked up from his place at the table and smirked. "Save it for the bedroom."

"They both looked over at him and Ryan scowled. "Dude, we don't have a bedroom, all we have is a bed."

"Lisa raised her eybrows at Jay. "You're one to talk Jay. I heard all about you little rendez-vous with Abby in the park."

"Jay blushed. "Yes, and I'd recommend it for anyone."

"Ryan looked at him in surprise. "Dude, I never heard about this!"

"Lisa ran her hand down his stomach as she spoke. "Come with me and I'll tell you all about it."

""Later dude." With that Ryan followed Lisa back to their bunk.

"A few minutes later Abby walked into the kitchenette and sat beside Jay looking very nervous. "Jay, I need to talk to you."

"Jay saw the concern on Abby's face and focused all his attention on her." What's up?"

"Abby fidgeted a bit and cleared her throat. "I might be pregnant."

"There was a moment of silence as Jay sat in complete shock. The door to the back room opened and Bobby stepped out. "Have you guys seen Danielle?"

"Abby looked up and said quietly " She's outside with Amir and Sam."

"Bobby surveyed the scene for a minute then held his hands up. "Sorry, I'll leave you two alone."

"Once Bobby was gone Abby looked up at Jay and notied a smile creeping over his face. He looked at her and his smile grew. "That's like the best news I've heard all year."

"Bobby walked out of the bus to find Amir trying to keep Danielle from punching Samantha, who was standing back while Danielle screamed at her. Neither of the girls seemed to notice as Bobby ran over and helped Danielle.

""What the hell is going on?"

"Samantha looked at Bobby and there was a slight tremor in her voice as she spoke.

""I told her that I told you she is still using."

""It's none of your business! I told you that in confidence and you had no tight to tell anyone!" Danielle had calmed down but her voice still rose as she spoke.

"Amir moved closer to Samanths and put his arm around her shoulder. "Sam was just trying to help you."

"Bobby turned Danielle around to face him as she started to cry.

""That's what I was coming to talk to you about." Bobby hugged her close to him. "I care about you."

""Damielle, I'm sorry, but we all care about you and I didn't want to see you waste away again on coke." Samantha's voice started to crack.

"Danielle turned around to face Amir and Samantha. "i don't even want to look at either one of you right now. I'm going for a walk."v

"She started to walk away but Bobby stopped her. "Dee, it would kill me if anything happened to you. We have to talk before anything else."

""We'll leave you two alone." Amir gave Bobby a supportive look as he and Samantha walked away.

""C'mon, let's go find someplace where we can be alone." Bobby said quietky as he led Danielle away.

""Jay wake up! You have to get ready for the show!" Abby yelled from the kitchen. There was a grunt from the back of the bus. Abby shook her head in woder. "I swear to God if I didn't know any better I'd think he was a vamp. He sleeps most of the day and parties all night."

"Jay appeared in boxers. "Didn't you know I am a vamp?" He smiled as he bent down to pretend bite her neck. Abby giggles with pleasure.

"Paige was lying on the floor with a ber beside him while Ashley sat beside him. They both looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

""Do you two ever let up?" Paige asked them.

"Before either could answer Ryan appeared from his bunk, closely followed by Lisa.

""Dude, I had no idea you were such an exhibitionist." Ryan said to Jay as he slapped him on the back. Lisa looked at Jay slyly as he cleared his throat.

"Abby raised her eyebrows. "Should I even ask?"v

"Jay's smile grew as he pulled Abby closer to him. "You already know babe." he said deviously.

"Ryan sat down at the table. "Where is everyone?"

"Paige had his eyes closed so Ashley started to answer for him. " Bobby and Dee went for a walk a couple hours ago, Amir and Sam..."

""Are right here." Samatha finished as she pulled Amir into the bus. "We were watchingsome kids play soccer."

"Paige sat up as he, Ryan and Jay looked at Amir quizzically while Samatha had her back turned. Amir

shrugged his shoulders and mouthed quietly "I think she's on her period."

"Samantha turned around to find the guys smirking. She raised her arms in exasperation "What?"

""Paige we've still got a couple minutes before you really have to get ready....Care to join me in the bunk?"v

"Ashley said as a mischievious grin grew over her face. Paige chuckled as he got up and followed Ashley out of the room. "I'll catch you guys later."

"A minute after they left Bobby and Jennifer walked through the door and everybody quieted down. The couple looked very upset so nobody said anything.

""I'm going to bed for awhile. If I don't get up in time have a good concert." Jennifer said as she walked to her bunk.

"Jay looked at Bobby. "What's wrong man?"

""We're just having some problems but I don't have time to discuss it. We have a show to do." With that Bobby walked to the bathroom and closed the door.

"There was a moment of silence as everyone wondered what had happened. Sarah gave a sigh. "I guess we better get ready too."

"The post concert party had already started by the time Jay arrived after changing out of his sweaty clothes. There was plenty of beer and drugs to go around, 'Crazy Town' was blasting from the stereos and groupies were already undressing. Abby appeared by Jay's side and pulled him out of the room.

""I bought a home pregnancy kit during your set." Abby said as she turned to him and showed him a pharmacy bag.

""Do you want to do it now?" Jay asked.

""Do you?"

"Jay nodded his head yes.

""Alright we have to find a bathroom then." Abby said as she looked down the hall. "I'm nervous."

"Jay hugged her. "No matter what happpens it'll be alright."

"Abby looked up at him. "Are you going to be disappointed if I'm not?"

"Jay smiled and kissed her forehead. "No way dude, I've still got you."

"Ashley poked her head out of the door of the party. "There you guys are, you're missing all the fun."

""We'll be there in a few minutes." Jay responded.v

"Ashley nodded her head in understanding and went back to the party.v

""You ready?" Abby asked Jay as they started to walk towards the bathroom.

""I'm always ready."

"Ryan walked over to Bobby with Sarah on one arm and a beer in the other. "Dude, show Lisa your piercing. She wants me to get one."

"Bobby laughed. "Ask me later man, there's too many people here."

""Please Bobby, I'll be too tired later." Sarah whined, putting on her pouty face.v

"Bobby finished his beer and shook his head. "I'll do it but only if Ryan streaks."v

""It's a deal." Ryan said as he held out his hand. The two men shook hands and Bobby unzipped his pants. Once they were down Ryan lunged for his groin. When Bobby realized what Ryan was trying to do he stepped back quickly amd tripped over his pants. Everybody started laughing as they saw Bobby sprawled out on the floor with his pants around his ankles.

""Dude, that was so funny!" Ryan was laughing hysterically.

""I am so getting you back for this!" Bobby said, getting up and pulling his pants up. "What the fuck were you doing?"

"Sarah answered, still laughing. "Paige and Amir dared him $500 to give you head."

""The look on your face was way worth $500. I wish I had a camera." Ryan slapped Bobby on the back.

""That was so not funny." Bobby said while trying not to smile. "Just for that man, you have to strip naked now."

"I'm a man of my word, I guess I don't have a choice." Ryan said while looking doubtful.

""Give it up Ry, you know you love to be naked." Sarah said as she playfully slapped his arm. "But don't do anything until I get my camera, k?" With that she ran out of the room.

"Paige, Ashley, Amir and Joanna walked over to join the two guys.

"Ryan directed his attention to Paige and Amir. "Hey you guys want to streak with me? I promised Bobby I would since I managed to completely embarass him."

"Amir laughed and shook his head. "That was a classic fuck up man, pure brilliance. But no thanks, I think I'm going to keep my clothes on tonight."

"Joanna put her arms around his waist. "At least until we get back to the bus, then you'll have to take them off."

"Amir laughed. "Read my mind babe."

"Ashley grabbed Paige's stomach and squeezed it. "Yeah hun, why don't you show off your love handles?"

"Boby laughed. "Haha dude, Paige has love handles!"

""Eh! I'm not fat, I'm just big boned!" Paige said doing his Cartman impression.

"Ryan joined in. "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!"

""You bastards!" Amir finished.

""You guys are so mature." Ashley said, laughing. Paige envelopped her in his arms. "Don't you know it babe."

"Just then Sarah ran up to the group with a camera in her hands. "I found my camera! Ryan, I hope to god you're photogenic."

""So what does it say?" Jay asked. He and Abby were locked in the bathroom, awaiting the results of the home pregnancy kit.

""I don't know, give it another minute." Abby responded. She looked up at him. "What are you thinking?"

"Jay smiled. "How relieved I'll be when we know for sure."

""No matter what the result?"

""No matter what. "Jay said while grabbing Abby. She giggled. "Good answer."

"They stood in silence before Jay broke it by asking, "Are you going to be disappointed if it's negative?"

"Abby thought for a minute then glanced at the sink. "Probably, but I'll get over it. I think it's ready." She untangled herself from his arms. "You check it."

"Jay picked up the kit andd looked at it for a moment. A big smile grew over his face. "Who should we tell first?"

""It's positive?" Abby asked quietly.

"Jay nodded his head and showed her the result. "Yep, sure is."

""Hey Ashley, is Jennifer still in the bus?" Joanna asked.

"Ashley ws talking with Ty Elam from Videodrone. "As far as I know she is. Sarah should know because she was there a few minutes ago."

"Ty perked up. "Who is this pretty lady?"

"Ashley laughed. "Joanna, this is Ty, Ty this is Joanna, Amir's girlfriend."

""Ah, the infamous Joanna. I've been wanting to meet you for quite awhile now." Ty said, holding his hand out.

"They shook hands as Joanna responded. "Yeah, I've heard alot about you."

"Before more could be said Bobby appeared. "Guys, I have to talk to you in the dressing room. You come too Ty."

"The three followed Bobby to Orgy's dressing room where Paige, Amir, Ryan and Sarah were already waiting. A minute later Jay and Abby appeared.

""Alright guys, listen up, this is important." Bobby said. "I'm sure all you know that Jenn and me have been having problems lately. Well, it's a little deeper than that. As it turns out, for the past couple months Jenn has been using coke again. It was just enough so that I never really noticed."

""Dude, I'm sorry to hear that." Ryan said.

"Bobby sighed. "As much as I hate to see her go, I convinced her to take a break during touring. We agreed that she would leave and I would continue on."

""When is she leaving?" Joanna asked.

""As soon as she can get a plane ride out. It was just decided today."

"Ty spoke up. "Shit, that sucks man."

"Joanna sat up. "I think I should go with her. The thought of her going alone scares and I still kind of feel guilty about telling you everything."

"Ashley brightened up. "Hey, why don't all of us go and you guys keep touring? We could all use a break from this. We've been doing it for six months now."

"Jay towered over everyone as he stood up. "Before any decisions are made I'd like make to make a bit of an announcement. It turns out," Jay looked down at Abby, "that me and Abby are having a baby."

"Amir stood up and gave Jay a manly hug, as everyone laughed in surprise. "Thats great man, I'm happy for you."

"Congragulations were shouted out until Ty spoke up. "Man, this is fucking crazy. Remind me definitely to tour with you assholes again."

"The next morning Bobby and Jennifer announced together that she was definitely going into drug rehab and it was unanimously decided that all the girls would accompany her to Los Angeles. Two days later the group parted at the airport.

The girls, with the exception of Jennifer and Abby, moved into Joanna and Amir's condo until the guys finished touring.

"Jennifer recovered at the rehab clinic after a month long session. She swore off all drugs and moved in with Joanna, Ashley and Sarah.

"Abby visited her family in New York to give them the good news in person. They were overjoyed and after two weeks Abby went and joined the rest of the girls in L.A. Surprisingly, there were very few fights, and even these were minor.

"Three months later the Orgy men returned and everyone moved into their own homes again.

"To Be Continued . . . . . . . . .