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"Charcoal is cool...you can grill on it"

"I'm always up my girlfriend's ass"

"I'm blushing over here. I'm halfway across the world and I'm blushing!"

"I don't want to wrap you in plastic and fuck you. I just want to fuck you!"

"Every day when I wake up and look at Amir I think "What an UGLY man"

"What? You want me to step on it or something?"

"Why does everyone like Jay? What about me?! Am I the only one that doesn't like him?"

"Dude, full water bottles are as bad as a beer bottle. They have a nice hand-grenade-like impact."

"Beer beer beer beer"

"Dude, I've got a huge ass fetish. I could just bury my head in an ass right now!"

"Oh, I need a beer so bad. Dude, this is giving me an anxiety attack. I'm fucking having a beer"

"I've got a severe ass fetish dude....and skinny girls? Wow!"

"This is so you, dude"

"Dude, they're totally going shizoid on us"

"All makeup's cool....I've never found any shoes I like though."

"That's not on TV, is it?"

"We wear makeup?"

"We're strip club monsters!"

"Personally, I did speed off the control board a couple hundred times! I accidentally spilled some on one of the knobs, so I had to snort it all up. But that's normal, isn't it?"

"You're not allowed to look like a normal person in Orgy."

"I'm still a hairdresser but I only have five clients now, the idiots in my band."

"It's definitely getting out of hand. People are freaking out on the streets when we walk by." (referring to Blue Monday's success)

"It helps if they want to sleep with us!...We get messages like, 'I'm a guy and I want to sleep with you, if that's cool' on our website all the time."

"We like fashion, but we're not interested in the fashion scene. I don't even have any earrings! I just want to hang out and fucking drink! I'm not into, 'I want to wrap you up in plastic and fuck you'. I just want to fuck you!"

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