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"People are people man. If they're into us, we're into them"

"He's trippin' out now, eh baby?"

"I'm just one big sweaty guy tonight!"

"Sometimes its faster if we're running late"

"Ryan thought they were throwing dollar bills onstage, but they were actually hundreds"

"There's not many sports where you can sit there and eat a big ol' burger, drink a whole bunch of beer and still do a good game."

{after Bobby only hit a few pins} "Yeah Bobby! You rule, dude! That was so dope!"

"If you mess with things too much, you lose the creative spark that made it initially right."

"{David Alan Grier - Hey , you know what Paige, if I killed myself tonight, my parents could blame it all on you and your music.} Wouldn't that be awesome?"

"Bowling's kinda like a flowing thing, ya' know? If you ain't got the flow, it's not going to happen."

"People get scared when they party with us"

"I can always tell when I'm at one. I feel like a Backstreet Boy!" (on all ages shows)

"To tell you the truth, the message board is very deceiving. People can say what they want whenever they want. Untimately, it doesn't matter. We're not affected by gossip."

"Hey baby, sup?"

"Its kind of like death pop."

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