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September 5/2000
I heard that Orgy moved the Ball up from October 10th to the 13th, which is a Friday.

August 30/2000
Orgy is throwing an 'Orgy Ball' on October 10th in Los Angeles. You have to be 21+ to go. MTV is having a contest where they will fly you out and get you into the party. On October 6th Orgy is performing at Farmclub and that is an all ages thing, so if you live in L.A. go check it out.

August 24/2000
From the Official Orgy E-Mail List: Be the first on your block to watch the brand new Orgy video for "Fiction (Dreams In Digital)!" The video's World Premiere happens Thursday, August 31st on MTV's Total Request Live!

Orgy will be making an appearance at the TRL studios that day for a very special annoucement, so tune it to find out the details.

ATTENTION NYC Fans: SHOW US YOUR ORGY Fans outside the 1515 TRL studio with the most creative, spectacular, glam-fabulous Orgy signage will receieve special Orgy prize packages. So, show us your ORGY.

August 17/2000
On August 31, MTV's Total Request Live is scheduled to premiere the video for 'Fiction', the first single off of Vapor Transmissions.

August 7/2000
I just heard a new release date for "Vapor Transmissions": September 19th, but I don't know if this has been confirmed yet. Their new official site "www.vaportransmission.com" will be launched soon enough.

August 6/2000
Orgy finished the video for "Fiction" last week, it should be debuting on MTV sometime this month. Also, there's a very big chance Orgy could be starting a tour on the west coast around the middle of September (the date I got was Sept. 16 but that's not yet confirmed). The new album will not be released until October 10th, to coincide with the Family Values tour, which they will be a part of.

Orgy News!
The new album called "Vapor Transmissions" will be released on August 29th. Some of the new songs leaked onto Napster somehow and are readily available in mp3 format.

Orgy will launch their new site VaporTransmissions.com on July 18th. The new site will work in conjunction with OrgyMusic.com to promote the "Vapor Transmissions" release.

Orgy may hook up with A Perfect Circle in mid-August for a tour. In September, the band will be on the Family Values tour. This is 99% confirmed. Orgy will also be doing some special club shows in the Los Angeles and New York area to promote the album.

Orgy have finalized an August 29th release date through Elementree/Reprise for the follow-up to "Candyass". The first single "Fiction" officially goes to radio on July 18th and a video is currently in the works. Expect a lot more information on the release to hit soon. Current track titles for the album include:
"The Odyssey"
"Chasing Sirens"
"Where's Gerrold"
"Saving Faces"

For a hell of a lot more information, go to Shoutweb

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