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"I'm not a rock star, I'm a rock bright light"

"I'm not god, I'm Jay"

"How many of you ladies came here to fuck Mark McGrath? Too late I beat you to it!"

"Someone's getting a bit happy with my ass back there!"

"I've always been a fashion bitch. I wore more makeup than my mother"

"What's important (to me) is that you give away all your emotions in the music"

"...We always smell good too"

"You have to have a sense of humor to be in N'SYNC"

"Nobody wants to hear Korn Part 2 and nobody wants to be a Korgy, well, we don't want to be Korgy, we're pretty happy being Orgy"

" If I shot a fifty foot flame out my ass, it would make no difference to anyone!"

"It has nothing to do with sex or any of that kind of stuff, not that we don't enjoy that kind of stuff"

"We have really cool fans"

"I somehow finished high school, I don't know how"

"Oh yeah, and those other faggots in the band, Ry, Mir, Bob, Paige....You're all on restriction"

"I'll beat that whole band's ass single handedly"

"...and here I am now, a singer in a crazy band!"

"We gotta thank Ryan for making our hair look good. He's gay, you know, and so is Bobby"

"Bowie's like my favorite person in the entire universe."

"I just hit puberty last night, like it?"

"Did you ever tell him to get off your back?"

"Sex sells (referring to Orgy) but this is a musical orgy, as opposed to a big sex-fest. I'm not too keen on blatantly selling that imagery...Not that a couple of girls at the same time is so bad, once or twice a week."

"I was sick of the whole big-tittied stripper vibe. I hate those big huge basketballs! I like a nice C-cup, right around that size. The double D's are a little too much!"

"We are the bastard project of an imaginary orgy. Like, David Bowie and Duran Duran having sex with Korn, Ministy and the cast of 'Star Wars'!"

"Girls used to put make-up on us. They would sit on your lap, put a little eyeliner on you, a little bit of blusher...you get a little attracted to it! That helped develop a small portion of what we're about."

"I'm sick of the baggy clothes and bands walking around like Droopy The Fucking Clown. Let's tighten it up a bit! Make it look more stylish."

"After 45 minutes, it became 'The Shining'."(referring to recording on Lake Tahoe)

"We're quite normal, actually."

"As I walk through a field of daisies I feel so pretty"

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