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Jay Gordon

                    Age: 33   
Birthday: January 30
Appearance: 6'4", greenish-brown eyes, brown hair, creole ethnicity

- his favorite drink is Absolut Vodka

- favorite song to perform live: Dissention

- clothes/make-up brands: Anne Demeulmeister, Gaultier, Gucci,
                      Jordache, Prada, Hugo Boss, Urban Decay, MAC

- listens to: drum and bass music

- doesn't really care for TV or food

- played keyboards on "Burgundy" by Coal Chamber (from "Chamber Music")

- played bass for 4 years

- was shot in the leg when he was 13. The bullet is still in his leg

- he is part of a side project called "the Wondergirls" with Scott
Weiland and Ashley Hamilton

- has known Paige the longest, 14 years