Chat Transcript

Are you guy’s all originally from Bakersfield? Is so; does that town suck as bad as everyone jokes it does?

V-Ty- I live here. I can take that one. Yes it does suck. But…the music that comes from it is really good. There’s no impression from the outside world. Most of the time, they don’t know what’s going on.
They’re either ahead of there times or behind. They don’t care. They’re in their own world. We’re all from there. It’s where we met. Yeah, in a field drinking beer.

Ty, why did you cut your hair?

V- (someone yells cause it’s falling out!)

How do you guys feel about the fans that refuse to vote for Ty Jon Down on TRL because you’ll “become rock stars”?

V-Kris- I think that the fans should support us no matter what. It doesnt matter how big we get. This is our job, and it’s cool if they support. There’s a lot of people saying that they don’t want to vote cause we get too big and we’ll get stuck up, but it’s not the case.
We understand where you’re coming from, cause it’s “too cool” or whatever
Ty- if they’re not voting for bands like us, they’re voting for bands like the BSB, and they’re going to continue to play that.
As long as bands like us can be picked, then vote for us. We’re changing the music.
Once we change it, then ppl start playing their OWN music, like we do, they’ll be wrecked.
They don’t write their own songs, do their own moves, anything.

A lot of bands to come out of Bakersfield have been country oriented, how were you influenced toward an electric alternative sound with that kind of surrounding?

V-Dave-Well, obviously Bakersfield has a rep for it’s country, but it’s not like every other city across the states. People listen to country, but it is not all country.
People listen to all kinds. Especially when you grow up and listen to it and your parents too. So you kinda wanna rebel against it.
That’s pretty much how it goes. You get somewhat exposed.
Ty- if you tape trading and meeting ppl that are like out there trying to find music, a lot of ppl interested personally…like style and Bakersfield, during early times, Goth music wasn’t cool. It wasn’t style or fashion.
Even if you played it, you had to worry about how ppl would take it. Now, our music that’s played in today’s times is accepted.
Back then, it wasn’t even accepted in SF or LA. No one really accepted Bauhaus, or the Sisters of Mercy, or whatever

Do you guys worry about drawing comparisons to other Bakersfield bands like Korn and Orgy?

V-Orgy isn’t a Bakersfield band. There isn’t one member of Orgy from Bakersfield,
As far as being compared to the other bands, who cares?
Ty was right…compare us to Bakersfield bands rather than BSB and others who don’t write their own. (somebody yells out Iron Maiden was from Bakersfield) Somebody asked about our old band’s name. And the changes. Keep it. We’re going to eventually change our name back to that! (laughing) The next name is probably the NEW FLESH, but eventually we’ll change it back.

Worst pre-videodrone “regular” job?

V-Tile work!
Cleaning toilets at an insane asylum. What sucked for me, was being the bat boy for the Bakersfield Dodgers.

Why do you guys have to be so damn sexy?

V-Cause our mothers slept with goats. We’re half goat, half man.
The truth of it is cause we’re so hard to find in the videos or the record store. No one can find us. (it’s like a party line here. They’re loud and shouting!)
We’re sexy cause ppl want what they cant have! Rohan-I don’t shower, and I give our pheromones. Yeah, pheromones give out a thing that makes women go crazy. Eat-sleep-fuck. It’s a caveman thing.

Rohan, can I be your personal slut?

V-(arguments going on) Rohan-yes. You can be my slut as long as you type 100 words per minute.

Weirdest tour experience?

V-Mavis-we can’t talk about it. (others) No, it’s when Mavis punched out the bum! (all) What happens on the road, STAYS on the road. Mavis and Ty got stuck in some crazy ladies house. I had this old lady’s purse with a Xanax perscription. Her house had a real high fence in Orange County and she was nuts. Ppl stuck stickers on the back of her head. She was like 60.
Her house was spooky and creepy.
It was all about her…(arguments)….she’s run out in the yard and scream at them, threatening to hold Ty for hostage. It was crazy!

When is the new work going to be released?, and have you spoken to your new record label partners Deadsy yet?

V-Mavis-lets put and end to it now! Now that Cher has taken up and interest…just kidding.
Mavis-we just released Ty Jon Down Kris- it came out last week. And Deadsy is a great band.
Yeah, they’re great
Ty-they’re great, I heard them in Ohio late night, around 1am

When are you touring!!

Soon as possible.
Your guess is as good as mine.
Ty- we’re going on tour probably as soon as June. Right now, we’re trying to hook on a tour called Tattoos of the Earth.

What do you say to ppl that say that you changed their lives?

V-Well, then you’re probably in the same boat as the rest of us are.

Are you gonna re-record any COT songs, at least as b-sides?

V- Picture Perfect
Yeah that… the Year 2000
And Buckets of Fraud (says Kris) That song was rad. Way ahead of its time.

Has the sudden success changed you guys?

V- I eat 2 scoops of raisin bran now. That’s about it.
David-I dunno how to answer that one.
(laughing) Mavis-I moved from a van to living at my parent’s house.
Mavis-I’ll be moving back to the van soon.

Whats the coolest thing a fan has done for you?

V-Ty-switched pants with me, with no sexual favors.

Ty what inspired you to lick microphones?

V-Ty- I dunno. I’m actually trying to teach a woman to be able to lick a cock properly.

Ty- it has nothing to do with Trent Reznor or NIN

what is a VIDEO DRONE?

V- Kris- its someone who watches too much TV

If you could play a show with any artist (living or dead) who would it be?

With Ian Curtis!
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

What will the next single be?

V-Ty Jon Down

If you could be doing anything but VD, what would you consider?

V-Miming in parks
Writing movies (Ty)
Kris- I would want to be a pro chess champion.
Children puppet shows for kindergartners.
Mavis-Whats the question?

Whats the coolest/ most amusing rumor you’ve heard about yourselves?

V-That Ty is on heroine.
Filter spread a rumor he was on heroin.

If one of your songs could be on a movie soundtrack, what kind of movie would it be? What kind of scene would it be in?

Picture that!

How do you feel about the rumor about Ty going out with Jay Gordon?

V- (laughing)
They’re all true!
They’re dating secretly. Ty takes it from his big long wiener.
They dress him up like….(yelling)

Hey VD!! What was it like touring with Orgy? Would you ever tour with them again?

V-Orgy was awesome!
Ty- I would definitely tour with them again. We’re in the same zone.
Plus it’s really that we’re on tour with friends. It’s a lot easier.

If you’re willing to answer. How do you feel about the arguments between slipknot and Limp Bizkit?

Ty- well I’m going to tell my story…
Ty-I think it is as good as a WWF wrestling match.
Kris-Slipknot has 9 guys. It wouldn’t be fair.
If they ditched a couple guys…yeah…that’d be fair.
“Slipknot. Limp Bizkit are cool guys. They like it when you talk shit!”
It’s like wrestling. They’re all talking shit. I think we should get back to just playing music.

Rohan you haven’t answered! Can me and Ricki kidnap you and keep you in a cage for a few days?

V-Rohan-in a cage? What? You gotta catch me first!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your music. I’d like to ask what your inspirations are others than musical.

V-Ty-Dario Angento…and Jess Franco. Both are filmmakers.
Inspiration, eh?
Kris-we like bad 80’s movies, Good 80s movies. I like stuff like…what’s that movie? The wrestling one…VISION QUEST!
I watch them over and over again, back to back, all day long. And anything with Kevin Bacon.

Why wasn’t a movie made for faceplant.

V-Faceplant…no money
It was endorsed by Chia Plant, but there was no money.

Hey David, since your dad is always online, is he in the chat right now?

V-Probably. I’ll know if he says “eat your potatoes!”

How do you feel about MTV? Is it just a “well, they’re promoting us” type deal?

V-Ty-we want to see Sisco in a Thong!
Kris-I think that MTV is one of the bast game show networks out there.
They need to play more music. They’re cool, but they need more music.
We watch it all day long, on 3 diff channels, and there’s nothing there!

Do you vote for you own video on TRL?

That’s my job!

How does it feel to be on Korns label?

I read that for you video Ty Jon Down, you guys couldn’t even afford lighting, so Jon Davis paid for everything out of his own that true?

V-Ty-Fieldy paid for some, too

If Brittany Spears was hitting on you, what would you do?

V-Tear it up!
Mavis-I’d want to see a pic of her naked first
Kris-I’d give it to her baby one more time.

Are you guys planning to be on FV tour this year?

V-Yeah. Hopefully. If they put us on.
Korn will decide

If I paid for transportation, would you guys come play at a party?

Sure we would

Where do you guys see yourselves in the next 3-5 yrs?

V-Kris-just doing more records and getting better each time.

Are you big partiers?

V-Ty-yes. Of course we are.
Kris-we absolutely hate cocaine, we just love the smell

What was the stupidest thing a fan has ever said to you?

V-Ty-you sound like vanilla ice.

How do you deal with life on the road.

Drink a lot of alcohol

For your next tour, what kind of stage setup are you looking at?

V-We’re actually going to do lights from the ceiling that hang down in this...I dunno…it’s hard to describe. Glowing tubes with electricity in them. Lots of TVs and blowup dolls.
These tubes electorate us as they hit us. Lots of David Copperfield effects, escaping from handcuffs and waters and stuff.
Three albino tigers!

What do you think about teeny-boppers? Be honest

V-what’s a teeny boppers?
Define it
We like to Bop Teenies
We LOVE boppin’ teenies.
(hysterical laughing)

Who came up with the idea for the tattoo Ty contest?

Of course, he want to do something on Ty cause he wont do it on himself
Kris-I want one on my forehead.

Do you always get along????

Ty says no
Lately we have, but cause we havent talked. We don’t live together anymore, so we get along fine.

What kind of equipment do you use?

V-Double Turbo Boosted Chicken McNugget Bmx
W/ extra BBQ sauce
Kris-I use V-Drums…and Dave has a tellacaster. Fender Guitars. Marshall Amps.
Mavis-I can’t remember
VDrums. Korg. Basically any keyboard that’s coolest when I’m in the store.

Ty, didn’t you sing a song with Jon Davis when Jon was in SEXART and the song’s called INSIDE? I think I’m right. I love that song. You have a nice voice. Who wrote that song?

It was a combination of SEXART and my self, and Richard Marx

When do you plan on kicking off your next tour?

V-well, this is Ty….if you can find a club that’ll have us, then we’ll book a club based on their fans.
Mavis-we got a whole bunch of fans out there hooking up a tour for us as we speak.
Make the calls!
We’re going on a campground tour if no club takes us!

How did you get such kick-ass names for your songs??

V-Cause we’re all weirdoes.
Ty-I write all the lyrics but a lot of the times the names come from Rohan and I. The whole band works together to come up with names.
Mavis-There is no way. There’s no set way. We’re still discovering new songs.
We’re even learning how to write and talk abackwards

Mavis-is it true you’re a sex god?

Where’d you get that dope?

Ty did you have to like get a permanent wax of your eyebrows to get those tattoos where your eyebrows were?

V-No. I have to shave ‘em daily.
I shave my whole body daily
Even my pubes. All of it.

Are you guys gonna make a follow up album??

V-we’re going on tour more for the rest of the year, then starts a new album next year. We’ve already got 20 songs already and lots of new ideas, but we wanna tour first.

Have you ever established a close friendship with any of the fans?

V-Yeah. Very close. We like to get as close as possible.

How do we get a hold of you if we find a club where you can play?
V-But there’s no message board there. Email

Which of you is the most talented?

We are all equal and in perfect balance

Rohan, which is better—taco bell or Del taco??

V- that is a seasonal thing.
Sometimes the toys make the different
Taco Bell has strange types of things that aren’t onions sometimes, but I eat them more than Del Taco

V-But Del Taco is better, they just don’t have as many toys.

Want to help me take over MTV?

Kris will help. So will Ty.

Who does you promotions in phoenix & Las Vegas? And why’d they do such a bad job on the mini-your???

V-They were on crack
What do you expect from a guy with no arms or legs who is on crack?

What’s in your guys CD player?

V- Cibo Matto
And Rammstien
David-Deadsy and the Gypsy Kings
Good contrast
Chris-Depeche Mode and Backyard Babies
They’re fuckin’ baaaaad
They rock!

Do you guys have a favorite arena to play at?

V-the Fargo dome. It rules.
The Glass House…in Riverside

Hey do you guys still have porn all over the studio walls?

V-hahaha….if we has a studio now, we would.
Right now, it’s all under the sink.

Do you guys wanna end up huge like Korn has become?

Ty says no
We’re gonna follow our favs which are the Cure and Depeche Mode. With an underground following.
It takes time, a long time for that. And that’s fine

You guys are such sweeties, how do you maintain the sweetness??

V-Lots of chocolate
It’s good for the heard. No egos.

We want backstage passes to your next show in Pittsburgh we would do anything!!!

What does everything mean? Anything?
Mavis-I love Pittsburgh

Do you guys have any strange odd twisted hidden talents?

V-Ty-I can suck my own dick.
Rohan-I like to make strange masturbation tools.

What bands are popular now that you wish would just go away?(ex: Ricky Martin)

V-Ricky Martin. Slipknot
There really aren’t any…maybe…I dunno. We don’t listen to popular bands.

Whats your favorite song to perform live?

V-Alone With Twenty Bucks
Devils Sweepstakes
Anything we came up with that we didn’t write.

Rohan-if you could be any food, what would you be and why?

V-Cheesecake. Cause sometimes you don’t know really if it’s cake, or pie.
And is has no cheese as all

What 3 things would you bring to a desert island?

V-an airplane
Longstein Live in Berlin
A pic of Brittney…no…of probably Cheryl Tiegs naked, and…lurideum? Lotion!
Kris-Claire Danes, Heather Graham, and Cindy Crawford

Is it true you like to see girlies dance at your shows? I love to look stupid and dance to your songs . . .

V-we love seein’ the chicks shake their booty.
More heels
If the girls come, the guys follow
We’d rather see girls dance that guys beat themselves up

If Christina Alguilera wanted to do a song with you guys, what would you say to her?

V-Fuck off and die!
What does a girl want!
Ty doesn’t like her. (laughing)

what do you have to say to parents who don’t like your “image”?

V-That’s why there’d a parental guidance sticker on the album.
Listen to the record a couple of times (says Ty)
Kris-if parents DID like it, then we’d be doing something different

Do yall really think that Jesus is kind of apes?

V-Uhm…Jesus is the king of everything (says Ty)
He is the King of Kings
David-Jesus who?

Do you like the way your new video came out?

V-yeah. It’s great.
Nathan Cox if the bomb

Hey Ty do you have a recommendation for a lead singer of a hardcore band??

I recommend you singing and not screaming
Get someone who can actually let it our without having to scream. Good words. Good message

What the craziest sexual experience you’ve ever had?

V-Five on one! Grandma One-Leg. The first girl I’d been with had one leg!
We didn’t know till the shower, tho

What is the meaning behind Devil’s Sweepstakes?

V-Ty-you constantly have to find higher and higher modes to what you’re doing.
The amount of substance you’re using…you have to put a little more money and time into what you’re doing. You want to win, you have to up the stakes.
The One-legged thing is true. She was beautiful!

Whats you fav underground band right now?

V-Miss Bliss
The Donners

What is the average age of your fans?

V-9 and up
9 - 58

Mavis- goats?

V-when Rohan and I went to Disney, I wanted to pet the goats rather than ride the rides.
He petted them all day!

Ty, will you be my date for Prom? It’s in may

Of course!
Where is it I’ll be there. But you have to provide the cummerbund.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done LIVE, all must reply!

V-Live gun. Crickets…
Slit my wrists and bled into a cup, and we all drank it.

Ty, you have a beautiful voice, when did you realize that you could really sing?

V-When Kris told him.
“hey dude, you can really sing!”

Do you get sick of posing and signing stuff for fans?

V-We will stop in the middle of that show and pose. We love that shit.

What is your fav aphrodisiac?

And maybe a line of speed
Jack Dainels and Pizza
Star Trek

How old are you guys?

V-too old
I forgot
goin’ on 30
as old as kittie

*horny young females want to know* Are any of you single?

V-Yup, Mavis will always be single
We all are. When we’re on the road, we’re single (says Kris)
After the chat…

So when you’re having sex, do you like the girl singing or screaming?

V-I like her watching TV, singing “What a Girl Wants!”
They have to wear my Darth Vader mask
David-I’m still waiting for my first sexual experience
Ty- I like to look in their eyes

Your original name was Cradle of Thorns. How did you come up with that name?

V-Kris-did you say look in their thighs?
Rohan-it was just a name we picked randomly off a piece of paper
Words in a hat
Actually, Born into this world…a briar patch story…tar baby and shit
If you’ve ever seen Rohan’s art work, you’d know why it was Cradle of Thorns.

I am looking for a band to crash my school’s dance b/c I hate the shitty DJ’s they get will you do it?

V-Yeah, Sure
If it’s on the way of our tour, we sure will. We did it in Denver

Who came up with the idea for the cover of the album was it just Rohan of a group thing

V-It was us daring Rohan to come up with a robot that works for under $15
It was you all saying “Rohan cant do it!”
It was kind of a bet thing
Rohan-I wanted to prove I could make a robot for under .05c

Darth Vader or Darth Maul?

V-Darth Maul!
Kris-no, Vader!
David-Darth who?
David-Darth Brooks
Darth Mavis!

Do thongs turn you on?

The flipflops? No

What qualities do you guys look for in a woman?

V-Ty-a 70s woman!
In 70s clothing
Kris-a ten minute workout and a good night sleep.
Rohan- Mavis’s nickname if the Ass Man

Rohan: How long have you had those sexy dreadlocks or yours?

V-Rohan-ten years
You can tell by the scent

What is the hardest time you’ve been through, in terms of staying together

V-We’ve been together for 10 years, since a 9 person 2 bedroom apartment in Huntington Beach

My lameass question-I heard you guys did a ‘naked tour’ as COT taking pics in each city or something, how did that come about?

Naked Across America!!!!!
V-we’re selling them for $50 each!
We’d each take turns going into restaurants, and stuff and do it. We’ll make a book, and sell it on our website.

Kris-thanks to all the Droners to support us!
And that we hope to see you all everybody soon!
Rohan-Not Darth Maul. Not Darth Vader. BOBA FETT!
Ty-there is no Cure for VD
David-Hi Dad. I’ll eat my veggies tonight.
Thanks to everyone. See you next time!