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"That's so not funny"

"I'm so fucking sick of people man!"

"We get lots of action, I can't complain!"

"I think the best cartoon characters these days is South Park"

"At least someone knows us"

"You think Amir is shy, eh? You think Amir is quiet, eh? WELL HE"S NOT!"

"They ripped Ryan's $800 shirt and he was whining about it for a week."

"I love that shit man...sex in showers!"

"This guy right next to me was talking mad shit. I didn't even notice he was talking about me until he mentioned my nail polish. I turned around and said 'Oh, you like it? It's pretty cool, huh?"

"They're really loud"

"Its almost hypnotic from that point on"

"Girls trip out over all the shit we have"

"No way. I'd pull some rock star shit and arrive in a limo"

"You want a kiss? Oh, well, than go ask Ryan. He has been kissing people all night. It's a bit of an embarassment if you ask me."
-Amir after some chick asked him for a kiss

"I love reading the manuals for these guitar synthesizers. Some of the things they say are just so retarded. Like, 'This is your standard setup. Don't be afraid to experiment."

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