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Amir Derakh
synth guitar

                    Age: 36    
Birthday: June 20, '63
Hometown: Schenectady, NY
Appearance: dark brown hair, brown eyes, Persian ethnicity


                    - favorite drink: Guinness Beer, Merlot, smoothies, Green Tea,
Mountain Dew

- favorite song to perform live: Gender

- favorite food: italian and indian

- listens to: Squarepusher, Love and Rockets, Placebo, Depeche Mode,
Massive Attack, Diesel Boy, Ratt

- clothes/make-up: Gucci, DK, Raf Simmons, Lip Service, Costume National,
Goodwill, Hugo Boss, Helmut Lang, JPG, Creepers and Cool Shoes,
MAC, Urban Decay

- he hates tomatoes

- keeps gifts from fans

- worked with Coal Chamber on their album "Chamber Music"

- has a son named Michael